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Discover the Albufera by boat

We perform boat trips in the Lake Albufera of Valencia in typical boats called "albuferencas" built around the traditional craft. We walk up to four nautical miles (7 kilometers) from Albufera open water, known as The Lluent, where you can appreciate its size and its channels, including the famous Sequiota, one of the most important fishing grounds for eels and llobarros (bass) entering the sea.

The tour allows us to observe the different species of waterfowl present in the Albufera at different times of year. Ducks, gulls, herons, cormorants, terns, marsh harriers, a varied sample of the rich bird life of this wetland.

From the boat we can see fishing seats, Les Calaes installed in winter, and the old barracks, houses typical of El Palmar, including the one where they filmed the tv show "Cañas y barro" based on the novel by Vicente Blasco IbÑñez.

The whole journey is explained in detail by boatmen themselves, they will respond as best they know the curiosity of those who ship with us.

Visit to a barraca

The boat trip can be complemented with a visit to a typical valencian museum barraca.

Picnics in the boat

In addition to the tour you can enjoy a picnic to suit the client (snacks, dinners, picnics, restaurant menus...) within the boat.


During the spring and summer you can complement the boat ride to the contemplation of a beautiful sunset on the lake. This tour includes a stop in the middle of the lake to see the sunset.

To enjoy the fantastic and spectacular sunsets we recommend calling ahead to confirm exact time of sunset.

Photo reports

We have some magnificent scenery that can be used for any type of report.

Activities organized for groups

We organize all kinds of activities for groups: students, businesses, seniorcitizens... adapting to all conditions and customer tastes.

Our boat trips can include different activities to customer choice.
In Albumar we are open to any suggestion or consultation by the customer.
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